Wednesday, 25 February 2009


Now there are loads of things from the hello kitty range that i can dupe already. But i think im going to get.
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All i am getting from hello kitty is Pink Fish lip balm thingy X2 and Tippy blush :)
I might change my mind when i swatch them at the MAC store because some of the colours might change wee bit :).

What are you guys getting?

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

What i'm using right now TAG!

Hiya my lovelies i was tagged by the gorgeous All Made Up. Thanks for tagging me.
Shampoo: Olive Oil Shampoo

Condtioner: TOlive Oil Conditioner
Styling products: L'Oreal Elnette Hair spray
Shower Gel: St.Ives
Body moisturiser: Coco Butter yum
Deodrant: Right Guard for women smells lovely
Fake Tan: johnsons holiday skin
Cleanser: Tea tree
Eye makeup remover: Simple Wipes :)
Exfoliator: St. Ives apricot scrub
Primer: Gosh
Foundation: Rimmel
Foundation brush: Crown brush :)
Concealer: Rimmel hide the blemish
Powder: Rimmel Mocha
Blusher: Moms Nars sin
Bronzer: None
Highlighter: MAC Vanilla eyeshadow
Eyeshadow base: UDPP
Eyeshadows: MAC Humid and Knight

Eyeliner: Barry M Super soft eye crayon :)
Eyelash curler: ELF AMAZING FOR £1.50
Eyelash base: S
Mascara: Bourjois volume clubbing mascara
Lipstick: Barry M 101 with Rimmel nude :)
Lipgloss: Barry M 11
Nail Colour: Maybelline cherry carats
Flippin Heck i use loads

I TAG- Bubblegarm, Kiss and Makeup x!, Lollipop26, Lolasayswhat, Panda does makeup, Pinksealight, Kimberley and lipgloss 86 :)

25 Random Things About Me!

  1. I love animals :) ( i have 1 cat named piper, 2 hamsters one named speedy and one named twitch and 4 fishes howl, sophie, tokyo and JiJi.
  2. I am mixed race :) ( 1/2 Black, 1/4 Italian and 1/4 Caucasian) In that i have Scottish and Irish.
  3. I have never and when i say never i mean NEVER found a liquid foundation that suits my skin complexion.
  4. I have 8 piercings :).
  5. I want my first tattoo to be of a geisha :)
  6. I have to been to Jamaica, Spain, France and Ibiza.
  7. I would love to go to Tokyo, Australia and America :)
  8. I have an obsession with nail varnishes, barry m does the best :)
  9. I love watching youtube videos and have watched over 10,000 :O thats alot lool :)
  10. I never heard of mac make up until 2008 :O shocking i know lol
  11. My favourite brand of make up is Barry m, Mac and revlon :)
  12. i have a phobia with feet even saying it makes me sick. I could never look at feet :)
  13. I have size 9 feet random i know.
  14. I wear johnsons fake tan, i get very pale in the winter :)
  15. I would love to have oriental eyes :)
  16. I love the smell of roses .
  17. Natural Collections vanilla body spray is the nicest smell ever
  18. I have another addiction with the lynx spray........ Yes i know its for but its the LYNX AFRICAN that gets me saying boom chicka wah wah ;)
  19. I drink on average 5 liters of water a day lol
  21. I prefer the company of older people lol
  22. My bestfriend is 25, she is married and has a child :)
  23. I wish i was older like 10 years .
  24. I am studying a Fashion and Clothing Btec at college and want to be a stylist and have a little boutique called Chicka Chicka ;)
  25. i couldnt live without my family especially my madre as she is like a bestfriend :)