Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Review: Garnier Pure Active Spot fighting 24hr moisturiser

What Is It?
Garnier's Pure Active Spot Fighting 24hour moisturiser (Mattifying Formula)

How Much?

What It claims?
It's effective mattifying and moisturising formula delivers an instant double action to help fight spot and improve the skin appearance. The effective formula with salicylic acid, helps to purify and mattify the skin to protect against spots even before they appear.
Enriched with a natural active derived from blueberry, the formula soothes and smooths the skin - visibly improving skin texture and clarifying your skin tone.

What I think?
Ever since I got the spot fighting 24hr moisturiser I have been using it religiously every morning and night after cleansing and toning my skin. I must say I never used to wear foundation as my skin always looked oily and by mid morning I had no foundation on. After 3 days of using this moisturizer I noticed that my skin was not oily, my skin had a matte/satin finish.
Also I have noticed that it's helped my spots especially on my T-Zone . I normally get spots on my T-Zone because It's quite oily, but now there is hardly any oily there I haven't had NOT 1 SPOT!

Would I recommend It?
Yes, especially if you have a oily/combination skin and are acne prone.

Star Rating- 5/5

Olivia x

Monday, 13 July 2009

Monday poll

Monday Poll

Mood: Very annoyed, I'm just having one of those days you know, all my friends are on holiday, I have no money, I quit my job :(.

First words out of my mouth this morning: Shower time.

What I’m looking forward to this week: Nada.

One thing I’d like to improve about myself: how to say NO! I just can't say it.

On my makeup lust list: MAC 131 brush, 2x mac 15 pan palettes

What i ate: chicken salad and water.

Cheeks: MAC tippy blush

Lips: lollipop loving

Outfit: green top, grey leggings and a little cardigan.

Fragrance: Paris Hilton- Heiress (Smells lovely)

Weekly goals: Try to blog more :)

Sorry if this Monday poll sounds depressing, I'm just having a bad day :(

Olivia xox

Thursday, 2 July 2009

I Wish My..

Bedroom looked like these...

The thing i love most about bedroom are neutral colours, I often find that when you have harsh colours in your bedroom you wake up angry or upset. But when you have neutral colours you can wake up more relaxed :)

Olivia xox


I really hate having no nail varnish on my nails, so this morning I decided to paint them :). Plus I think nail varnish makes your nails look so much better. Here is what I put on my nails, I love this colour so much.

It's the Barry M Nail Paint in - Spring Green 290.

Olivia xox

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Bargain of the week 001

So last week was Garnier/Maybelline event and while I was at the train station waiting for my train. I decided to go into Boots and have a mooch at the make-up counters and found this Max factor lipstick Called Raisin, it is one of the prettiest lipsticks I had seen. But guess what they did not have it in stock, I was so upset :(. But as I was walking to the counter to pay for some paracetamol Guess what i saw? A sign saying "Clearance", so I had another mooch at the makeup and what not to find THE MAX FACTOR LIPSTICK IN RAISIN :D, I was so happy and the price was even better it said £3.00 on it. The regular Max factor lipsticks are £7.82 so it lipstick was reduced by £4.82.
So here is the lipstick.

And here is the swatch, I think this is such a gorgeous colour, this is definitely the bargain of the week :) x

And here it is on my lips. Yes I know I have big lips :(

Olivia xox

Sleek Palette In Chaos

Yesterday, I decided to pop into town to go shopping as I heard New look is having a massive sale on. (More about that later).
First I needed to go into Superdrug to get a few bits and bobs. I was walking past the sleek counter and I really wanted to get the sleek palette in chaos and there new neon palette(not to sure what it's called). But guess what? They were all sold out :(. So I carried onto the til and saw the sign Clearance and decided to check it out, I saw load and loads of stuff from there and guess what I found?? THE SLEEK PALETTE IN CHAOS THAT I WANTED WOOHOO!
But one of the eye shadows was broken, but it didn't bother me at all, so here is the palettes.


The sleek palette was supposed to be £4.87 but because one of the eye shadows is broken it was only £2.50 Bargain.

Here are all the Eye shadows, there are 12.
Here are the swatches, they are very pigmented.
And here is the Broken eyeshadow :(.

Olivia xox