Saturday, 30 May 2009

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Lovin' & Hatin' 002

So this week has been very stressful, as you will all know if you follow my twitter, here are my lovin' and hatin' products of the week!

Revlon Lashes(review to come soon)
Barry M Event(Meeting all the bloggers, youtubers and etc.
MAC e/s - all that glitters, satin taupe and bronze .
Sleek palettes

Chalky eye shadows *cough cough rimmel*
Sexy Curves Mascara (HATE HATE HATE)
Makeup brushes shedding :(


Friday, 15 May 2009


So last week i was contacted by the company Revlon to review a few of there products. I got them yesterday and when i opened the box i was amazed at how much they sent me. So thank you Revlon. I haven't had the chance to use any of the products yet but i can't wait to try them out :).
Here is what they sent me below-
Here is everything they sent me.^^
More lashes to review...
Here are the nails...
These lashes are amazing i tried them yesterday..
More lashes..
These lashes are amazing!! I really can't wait to try them out.
Keep checking my blog, as i will review them next week or so :)

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Barry M Event..

Hiya everyone,

So i just wanted to blog about going to the Barry m event, now i don't really travel to London because every time i go there i feel like a needle in a haystack and i always get lost. I really can't wait to meet everyone as you all seem so nice :). But i have a feeling i will get lost in London (again).
So i just wanted to know who was actually going to the event? And how are you getting there?
I think my train goes to Paddington or Euston I'm not to sure ?!?

MAC Style Warriors Collection.

Launch Date: May 28th, 2009 (North America), June 4th 2009 (UK).

Emerging from every corner of the glamorous globe, a new Style Warrior. Made to celebrate the cross-cultural sophistication of the modern Amazon Princess, African Queen, Crouching Tigress… Never before have we seen the “Wild Things” of the world come together in quite so many bold new combination's. Introducing a dramatically different and deliberately diverse colour story, an eclectic and expressive way to exalt and admire the strength and solidarity of beauty with no barriers. A selection of all-over summer bronzing shades for Lips, Cheeks, Eyes, Nails, featuring the innovation of Impassioned, Bronze scape and Scatter rays Solar Bits – sunbursts to unleash the animal in every woman. All exotically packaged in stylized zebra and leopard prints to keep it wild and free – the way it always ought to be.

So after look at many, many photos of the style warrior collection, i decided to choose the things that i want from the collection. I'm into bright colours at the moment and tbh the packing is absolutely gorgeous I'm a sucker for leopard print or any thing that has animal print on :)
Solar Riche, Refined Golden
These are Bronzing Powders, now i really want these but i have a feeling you wont be able to see them on my skin tone as i have a olive skin tone :).

Night Maneuvers, Soft Force
Really want these two eye shadows i love frosty or glitter eye shadows from mac :)

Vibrant Grape, Bright Future

Yellow and purple, two of my favourite colours, I swatched the vibrant grape at a mac pro store in London but didn't get it as i left my card at home :(. So I'm definitely getting this colour as soon as the collection comes out :). The yellow is to die for especially as i love bright colours at the moment .

Brave New Bronze, Purple Rite, Sunsation, Tribalist

I only own two mac lipstick and to tell the truth i love mac lipstick i just never know which ones to get as there are literally loads. Really want the first 3 colours not to sure about the last one as it is quite dark but i just can't wait to swatch them.

Style Warrior, Liberated, Gold Rebel, Fierce & Fabulous

These are the lipglasses from the style warrior collection, i have never tried mac lipglasses but i really want to try these the packing is gorgeous as usual :)

I really want all of these, but i know when a new mac collection come out i always want practically everything, but when i swatch them i only like a few things.
A total for this collection £160 ish, lol

What are your thought on the collection and are you planning on getting anything from the Mac Style Warriors collection?

*Thank you Temptalia for the photos*

Sunday, 10 May 2009

EOTD- Smokey eye

All this week i have been extremely busy with college and doing test shots for a fashion shows. One of the looks that will be going on the cat walk is a dramatic smokey eye, yesterday and today i tried out 2 smokey eyes and decided that today's one is my favourite out of the two.(P.s Growing my brows, V. bad wax)

What i used-

Barry M super soft eye crayon in -No.1 (Base) All over lid

Elf brightening eye- Drama (white) Inner corner

Mac e/s
Knight all over lid(BBR Collection)

Deepshade Outer 1/3

Carbon in crease

Revlon quad - 01 Coppering
1st colour as highlight

Mascara Define-A-Lash

Would you like more of these post?

Friday, 8 May 2009

What would you like?

Hi bloggers, :)
I just wanted to know what would you like to see from this blog? I'm so grateful for the 58 followers i have, thank you soo much :)
Would you like to see more of
- Reviews
-FOTD(face of the day)
-OOTD(Outfit of the day)
-Makeup Hauls
-Clothes Hauls
Just leave me a comment below saying what you would like to see!
I have assessment week next week(Only have to be in on Monday yay) so expect loads of post from me, i have been slacking on my blog and YouTube but i have been very busy this month.
Thanks for reading

Monday, 4 May 2009

Lovin' 001

So hi again guys, I'm trying to post a few updates on my blog as i know i neglect it a lot.

  • Secret Santa Swap Items
  • Barry M Lip paint 53
  • Having no spots
  • Leggings & Long tops
  • Sunshine
  • Not having any £££
  • UDPP *running out*
  • Having to depot UDPP
  • Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara HATE HATE HATE!!
  • Rain!

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Nail Varnish/ Polish Collection

So here is my beloved nail varnish/polish collection. I think i have enough right now, but i know i will be tempted to get some more soon hehe.

Icing- Marine Blue, Sally Hansen cutical Oil, La Femme Beauty- Pink and Red and
Barry M 116 Orchid.

Barry M nail paints 273 Raspberry, 161 Vivid Purple, 115 Red Black and 285 Aqua Green.

294 Cyan Blue, 291 Cobalt blue, 292 Navy and 299 Racing Green.

290 Spring Green, 137 Lime, 134 Yellow and 296 Coral.

2x 54 Basecoat, Topcoat and Nail hardener, 66 White and 293 Grey.

47 Black, 02 Sweet Candy, 06 Bubblicious and 15 Candy Apple

67 Wonder Violet, 17 Redcurrent Jelly and 22 Jelly Bean.

20 Icy Mint, 21 Anise and 24 Sugar Pearl.

460 Cherry Carats and 170 Rainyday Red.

George at ASDA quick dry 32 Steamer(PEPPERMINT PATTI DUPE) and 37 Raincloud.

N.Y.C French White, French Pink and Revlon 10 Burnt.

Rimmel 373 Marron Glace, 061 Exotica and 393 Desire.

(^^AS ABOVE ^^) Rimmel Top Coat and 824 Pillar Box.

Bon Bons 8184 and 9091.

Collection 2000 144 Hot purple, Eyeko Pastel Polish amd Me Turnabout

Miss sporty Base coat and W7 41 Razzle.

If you guys would like a review on any of these just ask!

Summer Secret Santa Swap!

YAY! So this morning i was woken up buy a knock on the door, i wondered what it was! Then when i opened the door to realise it was the postman with a rather large box in his had i started to get excited i actually couldn't wait to open it. I had to look twice at the address to make sure it wasn't someone else's in the family. Here below are the lovely goodies my secret swapper got me :)

I twittered yesterday that i wanted to try some Revlon, i think my swapper is physic lol.

To be honest I'm actually wearing the earrings now lol, i couldn't help myself!
OOH and the gorgeous nail varnish in Marine Blue.
I'm soooo excited to try these :)
And I'm wearing this Bon Bon nail varnish on my toes...

She left me this Lovely note( she has lovely hand writing as well).
Thank you Thismodernpanda for organising this swap i really enjoyed it, i just need to send mine off !