Saturday, 21 March 2009

Collective haul :)

Hi guys, i went shopping for mothers day and decided to pick up some stuff. Also this lovely gosh brush which i thank laura for :).


My fav this lovely hibiscus flower from accessorize £5 or £6. Plus it looks amazing when the sunlight hits it :)

3 barry m nail paints in clear, 291 Colbalt Blue and 299 Racing green.
This Je'taime necklace from accessorize so pretty i love paris :)

Now i have wanted this necklace for ages, but i didn't get it because they said it was ugly. Now i have a different taste of things to my friends so i thought im going to get it because i love it :)

These brushes are amazing for pigment they are stiffer than the 239 by mac so it makes it easier to apply plus at £1.99 each and the 2nd one 1/2 price A STEAL AT £3!

Finally i got somethings from hello kitty :) i got popster tinted lip condiotioner and tippy blush :)

Got soap and glory scrub your nose in it.

Then i got a soap and glory flake away .

Hello kitty things from h&m they are two little pots for lanacane anti-chaffing gel and a little tiny bottle that i will put my toner in :)

Then from left to right
Top 91silvery black
middle 88 winterberry, 98 petrol black,
bottom 39 tan, 95 parrot green and 10 grey.

So i hope you enjoed that haul if you want a review just ask :) x

Thursday, 19 March 2009

MAC Sugarsweet Collection..

So as everyone knows MAC sugar sweet collection will be coming out on April and i am really excited. Now when i first heard that Mac was coming out with a sugarsweet collection i was a bit skeptical as i didn't really know what the colours would look like but when i saw them on temptalia i was totally sold.
Release date- March 19th 2009 (North America).
April 2nd 2009 (UK).

1st Consume Me
2nd Just desert
3rd Simply delicious
4th Triple-Yum
5th Tasty

Here are the lipsticks-
1st Bubbles
2nd Saint German
3rd Lollipop loving*
4th Touch*

Here are the shadesticks-
1st Lemon chiffon
2nd Butternutty
3rd Penny
4th Red velvet
5th Cakeshop

Here is the Refined MSF.

Here is the Perfect Topping MSF.

Here is Sugarshot eyeshadow.*

Here is Club eyeshadow.*

Here is Stars'n' Rockets eyeshadow

Here is aquavert eyeshadow.*

Here is Dear cupcake eyeshadow.*

Peppermint patti*

Here is Seasonal Peach.*

Wow this collection is right up my road as i love sweets and corals, mints blah blah blah.
Everything with a * is what i am thinking of getting :).
Tell me what you guys are thinking of getting

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Wish list

Here is my wishlist as of 2009, everything in bold is what i have :)
If there are anythings on this list that you think are HG(holygrail) products and must haves just let me know and i will add it to the list.


  • juxt
  • carbon
  • newly minted
  • contrast
  • trax
  • mulch
  • beauty marked
  • satin taupe
  • sushi flower
  • hepcat
  • steamy
  • humid
  • romp
  • bronze
  • sable
  • trax
  • plum dressing
  • amber lights
  • twinks
  • all that glitters
  • shadowy lady
  • stars 'n' rockets
  • expensive pink
  • coppering
  • nocturnelle
  • parfait amour
  • naked lunch
  • aquadisiac
  • rice paper.
Barry m new dazzle dust-
Parrot Green 95
Teal 94
Gold 96
Block Blue 93
Dark Chocolate 97
Petrol Black 98



Gosh foundation brush

Friday, 13 March 2009


Hi guys i felt really colourful today so i did this funky look today hope you like :).

What i used?
Stars 'n' Rockets(Innercorner)
MAC e/s parfait amour(all over lid)
MAC e/s amber light(thanks amy x) (in the creas)
MAC e/s bronze ( to deepen crease)
Barry m super soft eye crayone (waterline)
Rimmel powder :)
Revlon blush
Rimmel sexy curves mascara
Barry m 129 lip paint
Olivia x

Sunday, 1 March 2009

MAC HELP- Adoring Carmine 4 face brush

Ok so im thinking of getting this face brush set as its great for the price it ends in 1 day. If i wanted the full price for each of these brushes if would cost around £60- 80 i think which is a lot but they would be worth it.
If any of you bloggers have it what do it think about it Yay or Nay ??

Red She said--- FACE BRUSHES <

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