Sunday, 12 April 2009

MAC Seminar, Haul and goodies...

So i said in my last video that i was going to a mac seminar and i got a few things while i was there!

Here are the 4 eyeshadows, 1 lipstick, free pencil and notebook i got!

The gorgeous All that Glitters...

(T-B) Tempting, Satin taupe and Sable

(T-P) Tempting, All that Glitters, Satin Taupe and Sable

Mac face chart in smolder that the mac makeup artist did...

How gorgeous is that smokey eye...

OO and the lips...

I love this colourful look...

How beautiful does that eye look...


HG liquid eyeliner

Prestige Skin Loving Minerals- 02 Glam Tan

St. Germain lipstick

(LtoR) St. Germain lipstick, the light parts and dark parts of prestige minerals

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

What do you use to keep in shape?

Ok so, i have recently been looking at exercise bikes, cross trainers and other exercise equipment. I had a gym membership but hated going as i hate people watching me exercise, i have a phobia haha! So i was wonder what kind of exercise you lovely ladies do? I'm thinking of getting a exercise as they don't really take up much space and i loved going on it at the gym. Plus i didn't mention that my gym is right next to a working men's club so there were lots of pervy old men at the gym and hardly an women :(.
So thanks for stopping by and reading!

Saturday, 4 April 2009

MAC Sugarsweet Haul

So as the whole of Beauty addicts know, that the sugarsweet collection from mac came out on the 2nd April 2009. When i first saw the collection i said i wanted all the eye shadows and all the lipsticks. But i decided to go and check them out first! So i swatched Aquavert but the colour payoff was a bit crap. I'm the type of person who was a good aqua/greeny eyeshadow. And this one wasn't it!

(oops i picked up the electric eel box aha).
So i got Lollipop loving lipstick which i love so much and it's my 1st mac lipstick and not my last. Then i got Dear cupcake eye shadow which is a pretty coral/peachy coral perfect for summer.

Here are the swatches Lollipop loving on the left and Dear cupcake eyeshadow on the right!

Now i just wanted to know is there anything from the collection that is a mus? Ohh and i would love to know what you guys got from the sugarsweet collection as well.