Saturday, 4 April 2009

MAC Sugarsweet Haul

So as the whole of Beauty addicts know, that the sugarsweet collection from mac came out on the 2nd April 2009. When i first saw the collection i said i wanted all the eye shadows and all the lipsticks. But i decided to go and check them out first! So i swatched Aquavert but the colour payoff was a bit crap. I'm the type of person who was a good aqua/greeny eyeshadow. And this one wasn't it!

(oops i picked up the electric eel box aha).
So i got Lollipop loving lipstick which i love so much and it's my 1st mac lipstick and not my last. Then i got Dear cupcake eye shadow which is a pretty coral/peachy coral perfect for summer.

Here are the swatches Lollipop loving on the left and Dear cupcake eyeshadow on the right!

Now i just wanted to know is there anything from the collection that is a mus? Ohh and i would love to know what you guys got from the sugarsweet collection as well.


  1. Personally I'm in love with my show orchid lipstick - I wanted it for ages, and I'm loving all these hot summer colours xxx

  2. I bought the Tasty and Triple Yum tricolour glass, happy with both of them. They may be sheer but it's not sticky and it looks really glossy on the lips! Tasty is the most pigmented one of of the them all I've heard, so I would therefore reccomend you check it out :) Swatches on my blog if your interested x