Monday, 24 August 2009

Clarins Event

I was recently invited to a clarins event (recently being a month ago :), I had no camera at the time to blog :(. This event was to launch there new nude inspiration collection which is Clarins Autumn collection. >> Click Here <<> website. I met up with Jen at the station and together we went to the event and I saw the lovely Soraya, who i previously met at the Bazza event. We were then shown the new collection from Clarins and my mouth started to drool.

We got given 9 eyeshadows, 3 mascaras, 6 lipsticks, 3 concealers, 1 nude eye shadow palette and blusher and highlighter and 5 skin care products :)

Now for the swatches-

This is such a pretty blue, i love wearing this on my lower lash line or on my tear duct(inner corner).

I love this colour, I've actually been wearing it as a blush :)

This colour is perfect for the crease, it kind of reminds me of 100 strokes from mac bbr. But BETTER!!

I adore this colour i love mixing it with hot chocolate :)

Midnight blue is a gorgeous navy blue, perfect for smokey eyes.

This is a gorgeous neutral colour if you are to scared to wear colours :)

Again this and hot chocolate are perfect for the crease if you do not want to use a black eye shadow.

Pink frost reminds me of all that glitters from mac, but this is a creamier texture. I love putting this on my inner corner.

When I first swatched this colour i was amazed. I have never seen a colour like this. It's like a dark grey with blue and silver undertones.

I will swatch the lipstick tomorrow :)

Olivia xo


  1. i will admit that i'm a little jealous...well maybe more than a little. :)

  2. Loving the Clarins Products *jealous* ;) x