Thursday, 22 January 2009

Pinch my cheeks .

Now i have a few blushes but i would like to invest in a more high end one as blushes are my favourite. I have recently started watching a few videos on YouTube about Nars and Mac blushes but no one has really compared them.

So i wanted to know do you prefer Nars(if so what colours)??

Or do you prefer Mac blushes?(If so what colours)??


  1. Oooh MAC. Love you. Hahaha. Hi, I"m just cruzin' through blogs. I enjoyed yours!

  2. I dont own any but ive tested them and i prefered the texture of the mac ones:) It depends what colours though so you could try both

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  4. i own both, and i honestly prefer NARS blushes to Mac ones. Some great colors are gina, orgasm, deep throat, super orgasm, dolce vita,sin, and oasis.