Thursday, 1 January 2009


MAC 222 Tapered Blending Brush

MAC 224 Tapered Blending Brush

MAC 225 Tapered Blending

I already have the 217 and 219 for blending but
i'm trying to build up my brush collection, i just wanted to know... Which is your favourite blending brush from these 3 ?

Thanks Olivia x


  1. I don't have any of blender brushes from the pics but I do have the 217. I say go for the 224 since it's much rounder and has some give or not as dense. I want to say that I've heard the 222 is much firmer than the 224 too. I think you may want to consider the size of the brush as well...will it fit well in your crease, not be too big. Good luck! Let us know what you pick up. I'd love to hear what you think.

  2. Look at the new LE brush that is smaller than the 224, it's the 226 from Redhead, Brunette, Blonde collection. It may be another contender if you're still looking to buy.

    After posting, I picked up the 224 the next day! I really like it for blending...does the job well.

    I'll have to look into the 222, Holly:)

  3. I think it will have to be both the 222 and the 224. I think the 225 is a tad big for my eyes :)

  4. I'm trying to find a good blending brush too, but were I live we don't have MAC, so I have to order it from Ebay.. But that's okey :P

    Which one do you like the best? :)

  5. TML <3 Darling i person think you should order off the mac websitge it would be better for you especially as you know it wont be fake.
    But at the moment i love the 217 because its a 2in1 brush. Good for applying and good for blending :)

  6. of those three I would say places the product on perfectly and blends REALLY well!