Saturday, 21 March 2009

Collective haul :)

Hi guys, i went shopping for mothers day and decided to pick up some stuff. Also this lovely gosh brush which i thank laura for :).


My fav this lovely hibiscus flower from accessorize £5 or £6. Plus it looks amazing when the sunlight hits it :)

3 barry m nail paints in clear, 291 Colbalt Blue and 299 Racing green.
This Je'taime necklace from accessorize so pretty i love paris :)

Now i have wanted this necklace for ages, but i didn't get it because they said it was ugly. Now i have a different taste of things to my friends so i thought im going to get it because i love it :)

These brushes are amazing for pigment they are stiffer than the 239 by mac so it makes it easier to apply plus at £1.99 each and the 2nd one 1/2 price A STEAL AT £3!

Finally i got somethings from hello kitty :) i got popster tinted lip condiotioner and tippy blush :)

Got soap and glory scrub your nose in it.

Then i got a soap and glory flake away .

Hello kitty things from h&m they are two little pots for lanacane anti-chaffing gel and a little tiny bottle that i will put my toner in :)

Then from left to right
Top 91silvery black
middle 88 winterberry, 98 petrol black,
bottom 39 tan, 95 parrot green and 10 grey.

So i hope you enjoed that haul if you want a review just ask :) x


  1. Oooooooooooh my gosh, I LOVE that little Paris necklace, am buying it :) Hehe, fab hauling girl x x x

  2. I love the haul! The barry m colours i cannot wait to get!

    I also bought the same soap and glory products last week due to bubblegarm!

    Annd the QVS brushes are good! I agree they are stiff but one of mine fell off the handle last week! :( just superglued it back together though so its as good as new!

    As for the Je'taime in love! lol really!

  3. Wow, girl you did good!

    Loving the jewellery

  4. @laura i order you to. its the most beautiful thing ever :)

  5. @xallycatx and my other one but they are the best for pigments.

  6. the jewellery is sooo cute!! i need to go shopping...again!! x

  7. @♥lipgloss86 I know i love the jewellery i have an obsession with it :). Aha again lol x

  8. I love, love, love soap & glory products, they smell delish!! Good haul you did there x

  9. @emmsie2705 i know i think im going to try there lip products next :)

  10. @whitebutterfly01 thank you chuck!

  11. I purchased 291 along with a few ours.. Very pleased with my purchases :D x