Thursday, 19 March 2009

MAC Sugarsweet Collection..

So as everyone knows MAC sugar sweet collection will be coming out on April and i am really excited. Now when i first heard that Mac was coming out with a sugarsweet collection i was a bit skeptical as i didn't really know what the colours would look like but when i saw them on temptalia i was totally sold.
Release date- March 19th 2009 (North America).
April 2nd 2009 (UK).

1st Consume Me
2nd Just desert
3rd Simply delicious
4th Triple-Yum
5th Tasty

Here are the lipsticks-
1st Bubbles
2nd Saint German
3rd Lollipop loving*
4th Touch*

Here are the shadesticks-
1st Lemon chiffon
2nd Butternutty
3rd Penny
4th Red velvet
5th Cakeshop

Here is the Refined MSF.

Here is the Perfect Topping MSF.

Here is Sugarshot eyeshadow.*

Here is Club eyeshadow.*

Here is Stars'n' Rockets eyeshadow

Here is aquavert eyeshadow.*

Here is Dear cupcake eyeshadow.*

Peppermint patti*

Here is Seasonal Peach.*

Wow this collection is right up my road as i love sweets and corals, mints blah blah blah.
Everything with a * is what i am thinking of getting :).
Tell me what you guys are thinking of getting


  1. lovely collection :) cant wait!

  2. @bubblegarm i know i love the colours in this collection!

  3. i think i'll get...just dessert, tasty, and may sugarshot e/s :)

  4. @lipgloss86 oo good taste i want everything aha!

  5. those lipsticks look amazing. I want all of them. :)

  6. bella oo well i got lollipop loving and it is gorgeous but i didnt get a chance to swatch touch as the ma was using it :(

  7. do you have a post where you swatched those lip glosses because i'm interested in what they would look like on a human. :)