Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Bargain of the week 001

So last week was Garnier/Maybelline event and while I was at the train station waiting for my train. I decided to go into Boots and have a mooch at the make-up counters and found this Max factor lipstick Called Raisin, it is one of the prettiest lipsticks I had seen. But guess what they did not have it in stock, I was so upset :(. But as I was walking to the counter to pay for some paracetamol Guess what i saw? A sign saying "Clearance", so I had another mooch at the makeup and what not to find THE MAX FACTOR LIPSTICK IN RAISIN :D, I was so happy and the price was even better it said £3.00 on it. The regular Max factor lipsticks are £7.82 so it lipstick was reduced by £4.82.
So here is the lipstick.

And here is the swatch, I think this is such a gorgeous colour, this is definitely the bargain of the week :) x

And here it is on my lips. Yes I know I have big lips :(

Olivia xox


  1. Wow - that's a gorgeous colour! Love a good bargain :-)


  2. Nothing wrong with full lips, I'd rather have the ones I have than thin, non-existent ones any day! Learn to love yourself x

  3. Why the sad face?! I want lips like yours!!