Saturday, 2 May 2009

Nail Varnish/ Polish Collection

So here is my beloved nail varnish/polish collection. I think i have enough right now, but i know i will be tempted to get some more soon hehe.

Icing- Marine Blue, Sally Hansen cutical Oil, La Femme Beauty- Pink and Red and
Barry M 116 Orchid.

Barry M nail paints 273 Raspberry, 161 Vivid Purple, 115 Red Black and 285 Aqua Green.

294 Cyan Blue, 291 Cobalt blue, 292 Navy and 299 Racing Green.

290 Spring Green, 137 Lime, 134 Yellow and 296 Coral.

2x 54 Basecoat, Topcoat and Nail hardener, 66 White and 293 Grey.

47 Black, 02 Sweet Candy, 06 Bubblicious and 15 Candy Apple

67 Wonder Violet, 17 Redcurrent Jelly and 22 Jelly Bean.

20 Icy Mint, 21 Anise and 24 Sugar Pearl.

460 Cherry Carats and 170 Rainyday Red.

George at ASDA quick dry 32 Steamer(PEPPERMINT PATTI DUPE) and 37 Raincloud.

N.Y.C French White, French Pink and Revlon 10 Burnt.

Rimmel 373 Marron Glace, 061 Exotica and 393 Desire.

(^^AS ABOVE ^^) Rimmel Top Coat and 824 Pillar Box.

Bon Bons 8184 and 9091.

Collection 2000 144 Hot purple, Eyeko Pastel Polish amd Me Turnabout

Miss sporty Base coat and W7 41 Razzle.

If you guys would like a review on any of these just ask!


  1. WOW that is some collection. Realy liking the Barrym bright ones!! can we see some of them on? especially the Yellow.

  2. @Happy1234 Yeah Yeah sure!

  3. Hi, was just wondering are the la femme beauty nail varnish long lasting and durable? Plus, do they give bold colour? Thanx