Saturday, 2 May 2009

Summer Secret Santa Swap!

YAY! So this morning i was woken up buy a knock on the door, i wondered what it was! Then when i opened the door to realise it was the postman with a rather large box in his had i started to get excited i actually couldn't wait to open it. I had to look twice at the address to make sure it wasn't someone else's in the family. Here below are the lovely goodies my secret swapper got me :)

I twittered yesterday that i wanted to try some Revlon, i think my swapper is physic lol.

To be honest I'm actually wearing the earrings now lol, i couldn't help myself!
OOH and the gorgeous nail varnish in Marine Blue.
I'm soooo excited to try these :)
And I'm wearing this Bon Bon nail varnish on my toes...

She left me this Lovely note( she has lovely hand writing as well).
Thank you Thismodernpanda for organising this swap i really enjoyed it, i just need to send mine off !


  1. Ooo how lovely, they look fun to try out :) x x x

  2. lovely haul - i'm like that too - need to post!

  3. @Laura I know i can't wait :)x

  4. @MizzWorthy Thank you :) oo can't wait to see your goodies!