Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Barry M Event..

Hiya everyone,

So i just wanted to blog about going to the Barry m event, now i don't really travel to London because every time i go there i feel like a needle in a haystack and i always get lost. I really can't wait to meet everyone as you all seem so nice :). But i have a feeling i will get lost in London (again).
So i just wanted to know who was actually going to the event? And how are you getting there?
I think my train goes to Paddington or Euston I'm not to sure ?!?


  1. if it to euston ill defo meet you... well depending on the time :) i live in london and will not get lost:)

  2. Yeah that would be great :). i think i get there for 11:30ish :)

  3. Hi! I have just found your blog, very nice! I have only recently been invited to the event, i cant wait! I live in london so i know my way around if you need any help xx